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3D Models

Click the images and hover to the left to see more! Maya, Mental Ray, and Photoshop are my weapons of choice.

Web Designs ••• I created this website for a band called The Greatest of All Time.

Linda Swimm ••• I created this for a fine artist.

.alice ••• I made web art! Experimenting with user interaction with parallaxing.

neckBasket ••• I made this parody website based on a real fake infomercial.

Flash site. Double Rainbow! Need I say more!

Flash site. What might happen during Cosmetic Human Trials


Who is Tina Pye?

I am known as Christina Jeresano Gery. =^_^= I am currently a Media Specialist at the Imaging Research Center (IRC) at the Univeristy of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). I recieved my Bachelors of Fine Art in Animation and Interactive Media from UMBC in 2013. Also, I have my Associates of Applied Sciences in Visual Communication - Digital Media from Harford Comminity College in 2008.

I absolutely love experimenting in different medias and just being creative. I occasionally freelance in illustration, photography, graphic and web design. I have ADD with art and I am now dabbling in jewelry making on the side. I aspire to create works that are playful. I am inspired by childhood memories and visuals.

My work is clean, simplistic, and fun while at the same time dark, intimate, and grotesque. I truly believe the use of colors and motion should be used wisely.

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